Recycling of metals

Recovery of non-ferrous metals and metal salts from industrial waste

Recycling of metals and metal salts

Our recycling plant – merged with a modern sewage treatment plant – constitutes one of few places in Poland where recovery of non-ferrous metals and metal salts from industrial wastes is carried out in a professional manner.

Among other things we carry out recycling from the following types of wastes:
– post-neutralization deposits from industrial sewage treatment plant (e.g. 11 01 09*, 19 02 05*, 19 02
06, 19 08 13*, 19 08 14),
– sed up galvanizing baths and other salt solutions (11 01 98*, 11 01 05*, 11 01 06*, 06 03 13*, 06 03 14, 06 04 05*),
– used up catalysts (16 08 02*, 16 08 03, 16 08 04, 16 08 05*, 16 08 06*, 16 08 07*),
– metals’ particles and dusts, scales (Cu, Ni, Sn, Zn).

A detailed list of codes can be found in the tab documents..

We also have our own laboratory (that allows us to make all necessary analyses). We can provide a professional transport of the collected wastes.

odzysk1a odzysk5a

In our installation we have, e.g. diaphragm electrolysers for non-ferrous metals recovery (Ni, Cu), chemical reactors for preparation of electrolytes and salt solutions, and a demulsification facility.

Examples of collected wastes that are subject to further recycling:

szlamy2asludge and deposits containing Cu/Ni/Zn sole1aCu sulphate
zendra1aCu rolled scale katalizatory1aZn catalysts
katalizatory2aCu catalysts katalizatory3aNi catalysts
pyly1adusts of Zn/Cu pyly2adusts of Cu
kapiele_agalvanizing baths of Cu/Ni/Cr katody_aour products – copper recovered with electrolytic method

The price for collecting and waste disposal is agreed on individually, taking under consideration their chemical composition that is verified in our laboratory. We also offer transport for liquid wastes, hazardous liquid wastes and neutral materials on all national roads.