Waste disposal

Industrial sewage and wastes disposal

Industrial sewage and wastes disposal

We offer you a complex service that comprises of collecting, transporting and recycling of hazardous wastes and other than these that are hazardous, as well as industrial sewage.

Our wastes disposal plant, which also includes the industrial wastes treatment plant, as one of few in Poland recycles hazardous wastes and ensures recovery of non-ferrous metals.

The professional installation that we use oczyszczalnia2a and that is based on modern technical and technological solutions that are compliant with environmental requirements, will help you dispose of liquid wastes in an effective and ecological manner. Furthermore, the physical and chemical processing enables the disposal of industrial wastes that contain metals and other harmful substances. Modern devices that are applied allow to convert harmful substances into a less harmful form. Metals undergo the process of recycling in our own chemical raw materials recovery plant.

The modern waste treatment plant

We can accept simultaneously various streams of sewage and liquid wastes at our installation site. This is enabled thanks to the application of various technological processes and what comes out of it, various sewage and industrial wastes disposal technologies.

We possess an oil-water emulsion de-emulsification line, paints disposal line, alkaline-acid liquid wastes and other process solutions line.

In particular we specialize is disposal / recovery of:cysterna2a
– acid and alkaline sewage and wastes
– chromic sewage and wastes (Cr+6 and Cr+3)
– used up technological solutions wastes
– varnishes and water paints suspensions
– oily sewage and wastes
– water washing liquids
– etching acids and alkalis
– oily emulsions
– used post-galvanizing baths and sludge
– overdue reagents and chemical preparations

The collection and disposal prices are agreed on individually, once the chemical composition of sewage and wastes is determined, as well as their quantity and possibility of re-use is assessed.

We also offer our own transport for sewage, liquid wastes, hazardous liquid wastes and neutral materials for all national roads, in accordance with ADR..

A detailed list of codes can be found in the tab documents.