About us

Our service plant in Niepołomice is a part of the Nycz Intertrade Sp. z o.o. company with its registered seat in Cracow and that has been present on the Polish market since 1990. In the early ’90s it began its activity in retail selling of metal items, screws, tools and electrical appliances. High quality of products and professional service enabled the Nycz company to become one of the leading distributors of hand tools and electrical appliances in Poland nowadays (you can find more information about our trade part on our website www.nycz.pl).


In 2004 we expanded our range of business activity by creating an innovative plant in the Industrial Zone in Niepołomice. The company, at that time known for the distribution of screws and tools, began an intensive development in the direction of environment friendliness. In 2005, as the first in Niepołomice, we created a galvanizing plant with a semi-automatic line and own sewage pretreatment plant. In 2006 a second production hall together with fully automated line was built. The galvanizing plant performs both zinc and tin plating for own needs, and renders services in the scope of protection of galvanized coatings.

         At the beginning of 2007 we started to build a modern industrial complex.

At the beginning of 2007 we started to build a modern industrial complex. In March 2008 we opened a physical and chemical laboratory and a month later we finished constructing works at a modernized sewage treatment and industrial wastes plant that is connected with a modern chemical raw material recovery plant. Completion of the above mentioned investments had place in August 2008 and after obtaining the Integrated Licence decision, issued on 16 October 2008 by the Marshal of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship, the installation became activated in its full extent.

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After the finalization of the investments and activation of the recovery plant with sewage treatment plant, we became one of few companies in Poland that operate in the field of recovery of non-ferrous metals and metal salts from industrial wastes, as well as the industrial sewage and wastes disposal.

At present our Division consists of:
Sewage and industrial wastes plant
Chemical raw materials recovery plant
Chemical raw materials recovery plant
Galvanizing plant

Chemical wastes parameters are controlled and analysed in our laboratory and at the same time the laboratory renders analytical services that are ordered by external companies. Transportation of liquid and solid wastes is performed with the use of own fleet (specialist vehicles for transporting liquid and solid wastes) or by external company that possesses appropriate licences. We also render services in the scope of separators, storage tanks, cisterns and containers.

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Having in mind the quality of rendered services and trying to meet the market’s expectations, together with the Polish scientific institutions we conduct research-and-development activities in the scope of recovery and disposal of industrial wastes. Beginning with the year 2015, together with the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, we have been accomplishing another project named Nickel recovery from the wastes electrolytic baths in an integrated electrodialysis-electrolysis system, subsidized by the European Union funds as part of the GEKON programme.

We run our business activity in the scope of recovery, disposal and transportation of industrial wastes in accordance with the Integrated Licence decision issued on 16 October 2008 by the Marshal of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship. In 2011 and 2012 the decision was extended to an additional number of wastes’ codes, as well as the amounts of wastes that are allowed to be accepted on the installation was increased (see: documents).

On 15 April 2011 our company was admitted to the Association of the Polish Waste Disposal Entrepreneurs with its registered seat in Kutno. The Association has been active since May 2000 and gathers only Polish entrepreneurs that operate in the wastes disposal industry. The main goals of the organization include: supporting development of the Polish wastes disposal entrepreneurship, educative and training activities concerning wastes, participation in the legislative activities of the Polish Environment Protection Law and committees to the Ministry of the Environment concerning wastes disposal issues. We are very much satisfied to be a part of the circle of companies that have been members of this Association for several years and that can be characterized by reliability and care for the protection of the environment in Poland.