Industrial sewage and waste transport

Industrial sewage and wastes transport

In order to provide our Customers with a complex service, we offer professional transport of sewage and hazardous wastes – liquid and solid. The service comprises of both transport and collection of industrial wastes. The transport is realized with the use of own fleet of cars (including ADR) or by other companies that possess appropriate licences.

Thanks to the car fleet that we own, we are able to provide transport services on all national roads in the scope of transport of sewage and industrial liquid wastes and hazardous liquid materials in classes 3-9, according to ADR, as well as transport of neutral materials.

ADR transport is tailored to our Customers’ requirements

Specialist equipment and highly qualified and experienced staff enable us to adjust to your needs in a flexible manner, when it comes to transport and collection of wastes.

Our tank has ADR certificate issued for transport of hazardous materials, in accordance with code L4BH and special requirements TC3, TC7, TE4, TE6, TE7, TE9, TE14, TE19. Additionally, it comprises of three separate chambers with a total capacity of 24m3, which allow for simultaneous transport of various substances. We also possess trucks that have been adapted to transport industrial wastes.

Every order for transport of liquid and solid wastes is consulted with our ADR adviser.