EU Programs

The development of our company is possible also thanks to the European Union’s founds:

Since May 2015, in cooperation with Silesian University of Technology, the company Nycz Intertrade Co. Ltd. is implementing the project:

“Recovery of nickel from nickel plating baths in an integrated process of electro-electrolysis”

Financing agreement: GEKON2/O5/267906/10/2015.

Nycz Intertrade Co. Ltd.  in February – October 2014 took part in project:

“Green Light of Innovation”

Financing agreement: 13-UDTZ-WWP-MSP

Nycz Intertrade Co. Ltd. in 2006 – 2008 completed project:
“Modernization and expansion of sewage and industrial wastes plant along with the construction of chemical raw materials recovery plant.”
Financing agreement: WKP_1/2.4.2/4/2006/14/61/u


Nycz Intertrade Co. Ltd. in 2006 – 2007 completed project::
“Preparation for implementation and implementation of information management system.”
Financing agreement: SPO WKP/2.1/5/12/1286


Nycz Intertrade Co. Ltd. in 2005 – 2006  completed project:
“Increase the level of competetiveness by launching a modern galvanizing plant.”
Financing agreement: SPO WKP/2.3/3/12/01325